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We are an online housing access website. We promote access to decent housing for everyone.

Housing is a human right

We believe that housing is a human right. Accordingly, we have been raising funds as well as raising awareness regarding all issues related to housing.

Housing issues in American can really be solved using a two-prong approach. First, you have to make sure that there is access. This is not always the case because a lot of places in America, particularly the San Francisco bay area, are so expensive that people simply do not have de facto access.

Sure, legally they have access, but all the legal rights in the world isn’t going to do you much good if you do not have enough dollars in your bank account to pay for rent. That is the bottom line. That’s the harsh reality that a lot of people have to contend with.

And we’re not just talking about San Francisco here. Many other parts of the country are afflicted with this serious problem of housing shortages. This is why we advocate governmental solutions to provide more access to housing.

Easing for Housing

Whether it takes the form of subsidized housing or a mixed use housing or a looser form of construction permit policy, we work with local governmental institutions as well as governmental units involved in human settlement and social welfare to shed light on this problem.

Now, what makes this problem so difficult is that it is essentially local in nature. You can’t use a one size fits all strategy. For example, in California, the reason why housing is so expensive in the San Francisco bay area is very different from the explanation in southern California.

In Southern California, it’s more of an open market-driven price inflation as more and more money comes in from places like China, and buys up premium properties. This creates a domino effect that starts to boost prices that are down market.

Switch housing

In other words, when somebody buys up all the mansions, the people who used to live in the mansions or who would think about buying mansions would then switch to lower upper class housing. And this displaces other potential buyers or existing occupants and they move down the market.

Housing shortage

In Northern California, on the other hand, the housing shortage is legislative in nature. Starting in the 1970’s, there have been all sorts of smart planning and controlled planning legal initiatives. As a result, a relatively few pieces of land were allocated to housing.

High prices

And based on classical economic theory, when there is low supply and heavy demand, you know what comes next. That’s right, high prices. We work with both nonprofits and governmental units to address access issues, but we also work with private industry players to help them reduce the cost of building housing.

Cost Efficient Designs

Cost reduction

We share cost efficient designs, we share different geographic surveys, and we do what we can do to help the private sector open their minds to reducing costs to such an extent that they can then pass the savings onto their final customers.

Proper Information

By working on both ends of the spectrum on both the private and public side, our mission is to make housing affordable and open to all. Regardless of a person’s budget, regardless of a family’s needs, it is our ultimate goal as a public policy think tank, to give the proper information to the right people and organizations to affect fundamental changes in both the local and regional housing markets.

Rising Rents

Now, more than ever, housing is a serious problem for most Americans. As more and more Americans are left behind by the greater economy, rising rents and nearly oppressive mortgage rates are locking out more and more people from the housing market.

Impossible house prices

Keep in mind that this is not top of the line housing we’re talking about here. We’re literally talking about keeping a roof above people’s heads. That’s how dire the situation is. As the economy heats up in many parts of the country, more and more people are facing skyrocketing rents and impossible house prices.


Indeed, in the SF Bay Area, one of the most reliable gauges of the health of the local economy is how crazy rents are in the City. Back in the day, thanks to rent control, rents were manageable and people had a choice between public and private housing options. Now, you almost have to be a millionaire to even think about living in the City. Even if you wanted to live in the lower rent parts of town, you’ll be surprised that there is no low rent area. Every part it seems is a premium rent area. That’s why so many families are moving out of The City if not the Bay Area.

Our advocacy works with both individuals and organizations to come up with public, private, and hybrid solutions to this pressing problem. We cannot allow ourselves to be held hostage to political ideology or ill fitting principles. If we wish to achieve any kind headway, we need to think out of the much talked about box. Except this time we really have to do it. There has to be no sacred cows. There has to be no ideological straitjacket. This imperative has to apply to both the left and the right.

To think that housing is a simple economic matter or the working of impersonal factors would be to miss the point entirely. We’re not just talking about numbers recorded in some city worker’s ledger. We are talking about the hopes and dreams of families who just want a place to live that is close to their place of work. We’re talking about human souls here. That’s why we are dedicated to making the impossible happen in many of this nation’s hottest markets.

A crisis of self-confidence

Ultimately, the housing problem is not a unsolvable problem. Instead, it is a crisis of self-confidence and imagination. We are confident that with enough grassroots support we will be able to get out from under this monster. We have to. It’s not like we have any choice.

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Yellow Indo Kratom – Effects, Dosage and User Reviews

Kratom’s scientific name is ‘Mitragyna speciosa’. It originates from Southeast Asia and is a tropical tree. Kratom’s leaves have amazing effects on the mind. It is sold as an extract or gum and can be consumed as a pill or capsule. People chew kratom leaves or make tea out of powdered leaves.

Two compounds in kratom leaves – mitragynine and 7-α-hydroxymitragynine interact with the brain to produce pleasure and other associated feelings, including tranquility.

Kratom traditionally has different strains like red, green, and white. Yellow Indo Kratom (can be used interchangeably with ‘Yellow Indo Vein’, ‘Yellow Vein Indo’, ‘Indo Yellow Kratom’, ‘Indo Yellow Vein Kratom’ and related terms with this strain) is one among them.

This is the new emerging strain which some suggest comes from leaves picked at later stages of their lives. Once the leaves get matured, then it goes through special drying process. This strain brings in feelings of sympathy for those experiencing difficulties. This creates an atmosphere of care and support among people in the community.

Yellow Indo Kratom Dosage

Dosage of Yellow Vein Indo depends on many factors like your genetics and medical history, purpose of taking the medication and how you ingest the medicine and the reaction your body has towards the medicine over time.

Generally low amounts should be taken first, and then moderate amounts. You constantly need to inspect the effects it has on your body. You need to keep altering the amount until you the best dosage is achieved. Once you understand the optimum amount, you should maintain it.

Yellow Indo Kratom Effects

Mood Enhancement: The Indo Yellow Vein Kratom makes you active, boosts your energy and keeps you cheerful.

This in turn improves your work performance. The medication can thus be taken when you are feeling down, and it can keep you engaged throughout the day.

Stimulant: Indo Yellow Vein is a mood enhancer, so it keeps you energetic and full of life. Other strains of Kratom make you dull, lazy and make you go to sleep. The strain keeps you active and full of life every day. This enables you to focus on your daily tasks.

Deeper Sleep: Indo Yellow Kratom also works for people experiencing sleep problems. If you go to sleep after a long day of work, this strain gives immense feeling of relaxation and deep sleep.

Pain relief:

Kratom Yellow Vein Indo is great at reducing body pain, by bringing hormonal balances in the body. It is rich in anesthetic properties, and makes the body fully relax and go into deep rest. This refreshes you the next morning and improves your overall general performance. People doing manual work in factories should take this strain regularly.

How Yellow Indo Performs Comparing Other Yellow Vein

Each variety of Yellow Kratom has different effects on the mind and body. Let’s look into other strain quality and make your decision:

Yellow Indo Kratom: As we know, this strain mildly relieves pain and provides euphoric and stimulating effects. It also has excellent aroma. It is one of the most long-lasting strains.

Yellow Bali Kratom is great for Mind stimulation but still not as much boost as the White Bali. It also provides sedating effects similar to Red Bali, but less intense than that.

Yellow Borneo Kratom gives almost same effects as Green Borneo. It relieves pain, produces euphoria feeling and is a mind stimulant.  Feelings of positivity and motivation are also reported.

Yellow Sumatra Kratom is derived from the Sumatra Kratom trees. It is a rare variety because the trees themselves are rare. It increases energy, stabilizes mood and stress is lowered. It provides euphoric effects and energy.

Yellow Malay Kratom is stimulating, energizing and has mild pain-relieving effects. The strain has overall homeopathic properties. You will be more creative at work and your productivity improves. Yet, you will have an easier time once the effects start wearing off.

Yellow Vietnam Kratom: This strain is new, discovered in Vietnam forests around the Mekong Delta. These forests have a humid climate and soil rich in nutrients. The leaves of this strain have higher alkaloid content than other kratom plants by at least 20%. This strain is good for relieving anxiety and relaxing the mind and body. It improves motivation levels and ability to think clearly.

Reviews about Yellow Vein Kratom

Most of the reviews are positive about this strain in public domain. E.g., when one user took this yellow strain upon a toothache, he had instant effects of mitigating this pain.

He experienced feelings of euphoria, calmness, and relaxation.

Along with its efficacy, it does have some side effects which are relatively mild

and occur in rarity.

What You Should Know About Green Vietnam Kratom

Kratom leaves of a Kratom tree (a rare plant in south-east Asia known as Mitragyna speciosa) give varied health advantages, like improvement of strength, calming pain, stimulation of the system, improvement of humor and ease with opioid addiction issues. inexperienced Vietnam Kratom may be an outstanding strain because of its grownup in an exceedingly} very specific climate.

Kratom is grownup in Vietnam, however inexperienced Vietnam solely grows in a very specific province around the Mekong, in distinction to the opposite truths, harvested and sold-out in bulk. The trees, therefore, profit each from the regional tropical climate and from a surrounding made in river-washed minerals. Each farmer and shoppers agree that inexperienced Vietnam’s distinctive quality and strength lie during this distinctive climate.

The field wherever its grownup is named Vietnam Kratom. Among Borneo and Maeng public prosecutors the results of this strain area unit. it is not as effective as Borneo or Bali however shopper’s expertise similar stress alleviation from the strain in Vietnam. Even while not abundant or over-powering, you will notice a pleasing information and energy effect! Users note the clear-headed and mood-building effects of Vietnam that need time to fly in work or sleep. because of the refined nonetheless prospering results, our users think about Vietnam as a frequent ride.

Different Type of Vietnam Kratom

Vietnam has numerous strains of kratom. it’s necessary to remember that kratom vendors today manufacture all types of kratom strains, thus you wish to understand specifically what you utilize to form the kratom.

Among the foremost common strains in Vietnam are unit White Vietnam, Red Vietnam, and inexperienced Vietnam. Yellow Vietnam or Gold Vietnam is used moreover.


White Vietnam does have an instant energy boost, a strong enhancement, and an overall sense of comfort. It is perfect for social circumstances if you are not relaxed with crowds. It is a great mood improvement.


The red strain of Vietnam is also a good reliever of pain. Quite calming, both mindset and sleep can be beneficial. Like other Red Bali or Red Maeng Da varieties, Red Vietnam is a milder strain. A strong stimulus can also lead to tension and worry.


Green Vein Vietnam Kratom is a mighty pain reliever burden. It’s fun but it’s at a comfortable pace and hassles. You should use this specific strain for the treatment of pain and chronic pain during the day. Numerous subtle, not overwhelming impacts.


This particular strain does little to relax, calm mind, and body. It has fewer sedative effects. Excellent for attention, clarity, and vigilance. This will help to increase your productivity, good for employment, or long-term activities.

Green Vietnam Kratom Dosage

The appropriate inexperienced Green Vietnam Kratom dose can take issue from person to person, which has plant resistance, natural object (age, weight, condition), and whether or not or not you’re taking the powder in a very vacuum. To avoid unsought aspect effects, continue at an indefinite quantity of no over one gram of inexperienced Vietnam.

Buyers United Nations agency have already become at home with the consequences of inexperienced Green Vein Vietnam will target Associate in Nursing quantity between two and three grams, whereas pain relievers can boost the indefinite quantity slowly to five grams. Each volume higher than this limit, regardless of your data with Kratom, is deemed terribly robust and can cause side-effects.

Green Vietnam Kratom Effects

There are numerous effects and advantages with Vietnam Green Vein Kratom that make this form known. Until we run, it is a smart option to note how kratom can stimulate and sedate. Kratom can cause relaxation effects at low doses whereas large doses are sedative.


Vietnam Green Vein, as in other Green strains, has several neuroprotective effects, including an increase in the ability to focus on mental challenges.


The strains of Vietnam Green Kratom have the potential to put you in a ‘healthy’ mood and make you more happy, cheerful, and socially active. Most users suggest it makes you feel good and leaves you feeling amazing.


Kratom’s biggest advantage is that it relieves pain, Vietnam isn’t any different. Vietnam will support someone who has pain and needs a natural drug to alleviate pain


While it can be used for the induction of pain medication at higher doses, Green Vietnam can also work in small doses as a safe coffee substitute.

Green Vietnam Kratom Alternatives

Since you are not looking for inexperienced Kratom Green Vein Vietnam, you will wish to check Associate in Nursing alternate strain with numerous edges within the case of inexperienced Kalimantan or Super inexperienced Kratom, for instance, people who desire a happy feeling from their Kratom may deliver the goods with higher performance. If, however, you have already established an inexperienced Vietnam sensitivity, you’ll be able to communicate with inexperienced Malay or inexperienced Bali if you’re searching for an equivalent result.

Is Green Vietnam Kratom Worth Trying?

Green Vietnam Kratom is incredibly uncommon; thus, it should be frightening to get a batch (and expensive). This strain, however, fulfills all its commitments and may be combined with a wider variety, in order that you have the benefit of them for a protracted time. One factor to notice is that if you would not take 100% pure dirt or tablets, you will not get any of the recognizable effects of inexperienced Vietnam Kratom. The simplest factor to try to do is locate and fasten to an honorable complete just like the Golden Monk.

Green Vietnam may be a genuinely special variety of kratom, delicate and fast to try to do it however ne’er overwhelming. This is often your seasoning botanic get-together in a very superbly fashioned form. till small grinding, veins and stems area unit separated, thus you recognize that you just area unit very obtaining quality powder from the kratom leaf.

All You Wanted to Know About: Red Vein Thai Kratom

Kratom is a tropical, coffee-family tree, native to the Southeast Asia. Indigenous to Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar etc., it has been used as traditional medicine for at least 200 years. And the rest of the world is just starting to know of its wonders.

Kratom is consumed as a powder or a tea of its leaves. Divided into three strains – Red, White, and Green, as per the colour of the stems and veins of the leaves, each strain has a special something to offer. Red Vein Kratom is by far the best selling and most widely available strain. It is sold more than it is green and white counterparts, combined. Studies have shown the red colour of the veins ensures the plant is robust and is less susceptible to external factors. This easily translates to persistent benefits of ingesting Red Thai Kratom.

Is Red Vein Thai Kratom Right for you?

Red Thai Kratom leaves are great for beginners. They are proven to bring with them lots of benefits, even when ingested in small quantities. They are a holistic answer to your everyday problems and bring you this much closer to your roots. Red Vein Thai is serene yet impactful, it is mild and yet it is a powerhouse, and is probably the answer you have been looking for all-along.

Some of the proven benefits of the great Red Vein Thai Kratom variety are:-

  • Mood Booster: These leaves produce a very pleasant calming sensation. Red Thai brings with its peace of mind and a feeling of elation and optimism. This is often accompanying release of endorphins in the body like Oxytocin, which can greatly increase the quality and longevity of life when used regularly.
  • Pain Relief: Red Vein Thai is known to provide pain relief and muscle relaxation, akin to some painkillers, albeit without the side-effects. Win-win on both accounts.
  • Induce Sleep: In the correct dosage Red Thai is a great supplement to induce sleep. It can greatly help in counteracting mild to extreme insomnia. It helps regulate the production of melatonin in the pineal gland and resets your body’s sleep-wake cycle.
  • Energy Booster: When taken in the appropriate dose, Thai Red Vein Kratom is also a powerful energy booster. It is all-natural with minimal side-effects. It helps by correcting your circadian rhythm. Red Thai also helps reset the production of hormones in the pituitary gland
  • Immune stimulant: It is especially helpful as an immune system stimulant. Red Thai provides the body myriad antioxidants and completes many herbal deficiencies in the body, which sadly remains a bane of our modern chemical-laden living.
  • Opiate addiction relief: Though these leaves are not addictive themselves, (they might be as addictive as your daily cuppa), they might help in opiate related addiction. Red Thai Kratom contains opiate-like substances which may provide relief from withdrawal without the psychotropic or psychedelic effects of the opioids themselves
  • Stress release: The world is constantly pushing us to be more and to do better. For some this may result in crippling anxiety. And for others, lowered productivity, shorter attention span, temper mismanagement or even a looming feeling of inadequacy and loss. These symptoms of stress can easily by managed by Red Thai varieties of Kratom.
  • Sex Drive: It should come as no surprise that when Red Thai can make you happy, less anxious and boost energy it can also up your sex drive. Studies show it may help you to be in-the-moment and the make the most of your energy and focus on given instance.

Red Vein Thai Kratom Side-Effects:

Thai Red Vein is a naturally occurring substance. Though it does not has any medicinal-drug like side-effects, it has some of its own:

  • Dependency: Every chemical that interferes with the body’s mechanism tends to be addictive. Red Thai is the same. However, for it to be physically addictive like nicotine or opioids, a very high dosage will have to be ingested in such a short span of time, that it is not humanly possible. The other way it can be addictive is psychologically and that is very easily preventable as well as manageable. Think about it like your daily cup of coffee. You like it. And you can still live without it, if it came to that.
  • Dizziness/Nausea: Sometimes, the dosage of Red Thai Vein can be a little high as the dosage is very precise, and the wiggle room, very narrow. This may lead to the body trying to minimize activity to prevent excess release of endorphins. This has led to some people feeling dizziness, nausea and sedation for a short span of time.

Red Thai Kratom Dosage

Beginners are advised to start from a dose of 1.5gms of the Kratom Red Vein Thai. However, once you become used to the Red Thai, you can go up to 5-5.5gms. You can always tweak as per your preferences and body weight. Rule of thumb is that Red Thai in small quantities produces a stimulating effect, but overall Red Vein Thai is used to promote peace and tranquillity.

Does Red Vein Thai Kratom get you high?

Red Thai Kratom, in high doses, may produce a “high”, or rather a rush of euphoria. The New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services (NYOASIS) compares the reaction between Red Thai and the opioid receptors in the brain akin morphine interaction. This is what helps regulate mood and influence the decision-making. Kratom abuse has been recorded in the native regions for centuries. However, the natives have also been using it as a medicine for over 200 years. If you adjust your dosage and remain mindful of when and why you are using the Red Vein Thai, you should be safe and still enjoy the magical Thai Red Kratom.