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We are an online housing access website. We promote access to decent housing for everyone.

Housing is a human right

We believe that housing is a human right. Accordingly, we have been raising funds as well as raising awareness regarding all issues related to housing.

Housing issues in American can really be solved using a two-prong approach. First, you have to make sure that there is access. This is not always the case because a lot of places in America, particularly the San Francisco bay area, are so expensive that people simply do not have de facto access.

Sure, legally they have access, but all the legal rights in the world isn’t going to do you much good if you do not have enough dollars in your bank account to pay for rent. That is the bottom line. That’s the harsh reality that a lot of people have to contend with.

And we’re not just talking about San Francisco here. Many other parts of the country are afflicted with this serious problem of housing shortages. This is why we advocate governmental solutions to provide more access to housing.

Easing for Housing

Whether it takes the form of subsidized housing or a mixed use housing or a looser form of construction permit policy, we work with local governmental institutions as well as governmental units involved in human settlement and social welfare to shed light on this problem.

Now, what makes this problem so difficult is that it is essentially local in nature. You can’t use a one size fits all strategy. For example, in California, the reason why housing is so expensive in the San Francisco bay area is very different from the explanation in southern California.

In Southern California, it’s more of an open market-driven price inflation as more and more money comes in from places like China, and buys up premium properties. This creates a domino effect that starts to boost prices that are down market.

Switch housing

In other words, when somebody buys up all the mansions, the people who used to live in the mansions or who would think about buying mansions would then switch to lower upper class housing. And this displaces other potential buyers or existing occupants and they move down the market.

Housing shortage

In Northern California, on the other hand, the housing shortage is legislative in nature. Starting in the 1970’s, there have been all sorts of smart planning and controlled planning legal initiatives. As a result, a relatively few pieces of land were allocated to housing.

High prices

And based on classical economic theory, when there is low supply and heavy demand, you know what comes next. That’s right, high prices. We work with both nonprofits and governmental units to address access issues, but we also work with private industry players to help them reduce the cost of building housing.

Cost Efficient Designs

Cost reduction

We share cost efficient designs, we share different geographic surveys, and we do what we can do to help the private sector open their minds to reducing costs to such an extent that they can then pass the savings onto their final customers.

Proper Information

By working on both ends of the spectrum on both the private and public side, our mission is to make housing affordable and open to all. Regardless of a person’s budget, regardless of a family’s needs, it is our ultimate goal as a public policy think tank, to give the proper information to the right people and organizations to affect fundamental changes in both the local and regional housing markets.

Rising Rents

Now, more than ever, housing is a serious problem for most Americans. As more and more Americans are left behind by the greater economy, rising rents and nearly oppressive mortgage rates are locking out more and more people from the housing market.

Impossible house prices

Keep in mind that this is not top of the line housing we’re talking about here. We’re literally talking about keeping a roof above people’s heads. That’s how dire the situation is. As the economy heats up in many parts of the country, more and more people are facing skyrocketing rents and impossible house prices.


Indeed, in the SF Bay Area, one of the most reliable gauges of the health of the local economy is how crazy rents are in the City. Back in the day, thanks to rent control, rents were manageable and people had a choice between public and private housing options. Now, you almost have to be a millionaire to even think about living in the City. Even if you wanted to live in the lower rent parts of town, you’ll be surprised that there is no low rent area. Every part it seems is a premium rent area. That’s why so many families are moving out of The City if not the Bay Area.

Our advocacy works with both individuals and organizations to come up with public, private, and hybrid solutions to this pressing problem. We cannot allow ourselves to be held hostage to political ideology or ill fitting principles. If we wish to achieve any kind headway, we need to think out of the much talked about box. Except this time we really have to do it. There has to be no sacred cows. There has to be no ideological straitjacket. This imperative has to apply to both the left and the right.

To think that housing is a simple economic matter or the working of impersonal factors would be to miss the point entirely. We’re not just talking about numbers recorded in some city worker’s ledger. We are talking about the hopes and dreams of families who just want a place to live that is close to their place of work. We’re talking about human souls here. That’s why we are dedicated to making the impossible happen in many of this nation’s hottest markets.

A crisis of self-confidence

Ultimately, the housing problem is not a unsolvable problem. Instead, it is a crisis of self-confidence and imagination. We are confident that with enough grassroots support we will be able to get out from under this monster. We have to. It’s not like we have any choice.

Blog Posts

Major Highlights Of One Pearl Bank Condominiums

Situated at the fringe of the city, the coveted location of One Pearl Bank is just amazing and it is hard to say no to these units. No wonder why there is a huge crowd waiting to be listed for One Pearl Bank Showflat visits but if you don’t want to wait to have a glimpse at these beauties then you have to enroll yourself for a VVIP preview. Registering for a VVIP Preview has its own amazing perks which obviously includes preferable showflat visit and it also includes a few more amazing features like discount on total cost and immediate booking of desired floor plan. However, you can take a look at these major points that explain all essential facts about these One Pearl units set at the top of Pearl Bank hill.

One Pearl Bank is an excellent investment option – These condos are going to give a very good yield to the investors as it has a prime location, layout of towers is surrounded by greens, there is public transport connectivity, commercial facilities and much more things. These uncountable features in the towers and outside them are what are making it the safest and most profitable option for the people to invest in, in the current real estate market of residential properties.

These units are not just about good capital appreciation but it will also be a very good option for rental yield. People can rent their condos and earn a good price by renting them. Since there are colleges and a lot of commercial building around it, you can get a lot of students as well as working people to get your property on rent.

Proximity to MRT station, Outram Park – Within a walking distance of 6 minutes, you can reach Outram Park MRT station. This simply means you don’t have to be very far to use public transport or have to wait for bus because an MRT station with good connectivity is nearby your house. The Outram Park station is connected to two major lines i.e. North East and East West line. Also, one more line will be connected by this station i.e. Thompsons East Coat Line. By the time, residents will start living in these units i.e. 2023, this station will have connectivity of three major lines which will be a very beneficial point.

Settled in and surrounded by greenery – for people who have green environment as their priority for their future homes, One Pearl Bank could be the best possible option for them. The two towers with 39 storeys of this residential site are covered with plants, trees and shrubs of various species. There is a small garden at a distance of four storeys of each tower and that makes more than 200 gardens in both the buildings. Well, that’s not all because the main attraction of the towers is set at the top of the towers i.e. a roof top garden connecting both blocks. On back side of the site, there is a 9 hectare huge park i.e. Park Hill Park. People who are going to live at that side of the tower will be enjoying some very beautiful views from their windows.

Purchase A Condo At Avenue South Residence To Live Lavishly

Living at a prime city location is a desire of millions since they get every other amenity with great ease. After considering this wish of people, visionary developers of Kheng Leong, UIC Homes, and UOL Venture limited have impeccably designed Avenue South Residence Condo for Singaporeans. This project is located near Silat Avenue and offers a total of 1074 condo units. Thus, you will get an opportunity to live in a great community. Buyers can also choose to show flat services before making a purchase in which executives will make them aware of the condo plan and papers which they have to present during the purchase.

Excellent facilities which Avenue South Residence offers to a buyer

Great Southern Waterfront

Around Avenue South Residence owners get a chance to visit the southern waterfront that lies between Pasir Panjang and Marina East. In the future, the waterfront will further develop Southern reservoir which they will connect to green space where you can go for various fun-filled activities with your loved ones. Around the waterfront, there are also various restaurants, pubs, etc. where you can chill out with your friends after a busy day at the office.

Excellent connectivity

Avenue South Residence provides impeccable connectivity through busses, MRT and through expressways. Thus you will get to choose from various means to visit places around the city, Ayer Rajah Expressway, Marina Coastal, and Central Expressways are some of the best road routes which connect the project site to corporate parks, premium colleges and entertainment hubs in the main city.

There are various busses viz. 61, 143, 166, etc. which will make your daily commute easy. Moreover, you also get the facility to use several railway routes viz. East and West line stations which are only a couple of blocks away from the project site. In the future residents of South Residence will also get several other stations viz. Keppel, Cantonment, Thompson East cost which provides quick access to various destinations.

Shopping opportunities

Most of the time people prefer to visit shopping malls where they window shop, buy their favorite items, watch movies or have a sumptuous meal at a chic restaurant. There are various malls located in the vicinity of this project site thus you can spend some excellent time with your friends and loved ones during the holiday season. Vivocity mall provides one of the best shopping opportunities for people as you will get to visit departmental and grocery stores. Moreover, the place also has Golden Village Cinemas; here they offer recliner seating, private lounge along with excellent snacks and beverages.

Lavish condos

This project site offers great condominiums to residents which are open and spacious and are well furnished. Thus, you will get an opportunity to make a style statement in front of your colleagues and friends. One would be able to purchase condos according to the size of their family and budget. South Residence is offering up to 4 bedroom facility which provides great help in accommodating a joint family without any hassle. These condos also have impeccable locking and surveillance which make them utter safe for your loved ones.

Viewing A Showflat At Piermont Grand

Piermont grand still doesn’t offer the ability to view a showflat, but soon this will become an option. If you want to get this opportunity and also want to see are you eligible for purchasing a condo, you should continue reading. Below, we will answer all questions you may have and guide you through the process.

Sending a request for viewing a showflat

Soon, when Piermont grand EC starts offering a showflat, you will be able to see all the condos that will become available for sale. In order to get this opportunity, you need to send an e-form. This is basically an online request which allows you to be contacted when the showflat is completed. All residents of Singapore can send the request or even those who have one family member with permanent Singapore residence.

Once you have submitted this form, you will be notified when the showflat is ready to be viewed. This is a great opportunity that has a huge impact on the overall process and it is more important than you may imagine. Of course, there is no need to add that you will be notified via the internet and you can schedule the viewing process at any given time.

The showflat will be average condo this condominium has to offer. It will give you a basic idea of how an apartment will look, what you can expect and also give you a better insight into the location. If you like it, you will be able to submit a form which allows you to purchase an apartment. This brings us to the next question.

Completing the form for purchasing an apartment

The form can be completed on computers available at condominium only. This means that you can’t submit the request online from the comfort of your home. However, this is a common process with condominiums in Singapore and Asia.

After you are done checking out the showflat, you can send the form and you will be able to purchase the condo. There are several requirements you must meet. For instance, you must be 21 years old or older and you must be residents of Singapore. You must not have private property either.

Once you submitted the form, you will be notified about the current progress. At the same time, you can follow the process of the construction and be in touch with it. All of this should make a purchase and the entire task much easier. Of course, this applies to all condos, regardless of their size, location in the condominium and other factors.

The final word

Piermont grand is a unique combination between the old and new. The apartments are all-new, you can use the internet to schedule the viewing task and you can monitor the progress of the constructions from the comfort of your home. Once it is done, you will be notified regarding the availability of your new apartment and you can start moving in. Don’t forget that this is a popular condominium so you should schedule viewing as soon as possible.

How Fashion Sense Has Changed In The Present World?

There was a time when limited options in fashion and styling were there in the traditional market as compared to the present scenario. With the online market taking over the traditional market, you will find that change in fashion is constant in Australia. There are a number of designers and brands that you can now explore on the online platform.

Online shopping also makes it easy for people to buy fashion at affordable prices. The time when the traditional market was the only option to do shopping, people used to find it challenging to find the best style for themselves. However, with so many clothing websites, you can easily find the style that matches your personality in a perfect way.

The option of customization is also in trend as most of the people like the idea of customizing their clothes in the way they like. There are professionals that can easily work on a design or style as per the specifications that you provide.

Branded clothes are high in demand

Branded clothes can never go out of the fashion world when it comes to impeccable clothing. Most of the fashionistas also love to flaunt the brand name of the clothes they wear. There are a huge variety of options in clothing for men and women that you can easily find in different brands.

The clothing websites on the online platform provide all the brands that too at really competitive prices as compared to the clothing shops that are there in the traditional market.

New designs and styles

There are new designs and styles that you will find in all kinds of clothing options. So, it doesn’t matter that you wish to buy formal or casual clothes, you can easily get new options every now and then. Most of the designers also sell their clothing range through different social media platforms.

You can also find some of the amazing design work that is done by the budding fashion designers. This gives you the freedom to be in the fashion trend without spending a huge amount of money.

Vibrant clothing

Simple clothing designs are passé now. You will find some of the great options in vibrant and funky clothing line. This style is for all purposes, you can easily add a twist to your formal look by opting for this option.

There are a wide range of color options that you can find in funky and vibrant clothing. The option of tshirt printing Australia has also gained popularity. There are many designs that you can get printed on the t-shirt you like. Most of the youngsters love the idea of adding quotes and abstract art on t-shirts.

As it is necessary to change yourself with time, it is also important to change your fashion sense with the changes in the trends. You can buy some of the best designs and styles in clothing on the online platform.

Why Composite Decking Is Better Than Wood Decking?

There are some of the beautiful houses that are there in the UK. Most of the residents spend a good amount of money in maintaining the interiors of their house, but they completely overlook the need of changing exteriors. How you design the exterior area of your house is also something that matters a lot.

There are many ways that can add elegance to the exterior area of your house, including:

  • Having a garden area
  • Adding attractive flower pots
  • Garden furniture
  • Decking

Why Composite Decking is the right choice for your House?

Composite decking is a process that includes making of decks in different composite materials. Such materials include recycled wood, fibre, plastic, and other options that are environment-friendly. In today’s time, most of the people prefer to replace the composite material in the place of wood that has been used traditionally. These materials are weather resistant and they are more durable as well.

Wood decks generally have many issues such as splinting, molding, fading, and cracking. This is why they need regular maintenance. It is necessary to paint them at regular intervals so that you can easily maintain their beauty and appearance.

You will find that the option of Composite decking UK is really common in all kinds of buildings.

Why this decking option is the best to choose?

Less maintenance:  As compared to wood decking where a lot of maintenance is required, the option of composite decking is much better. The appearance and the color of it remain the same for many long years. As the composite material is weather resistant, thus the chances of cracking and splitting are also less. It is one of the durable materials that is considered the best for the purpose of decking.

Wood decking requires painting, staining, and sealing, however, no such maintenance is required in the case composite decking. You can easily clean this material with the use of composite deck cleaner. As they are split resistant, you can also walk on them when they are wet.

Cost of the composite material: The initial amount that you have to pay for this decking is high than the price that you otherwise have to pay for wood decking.  Although, investing in the composite material is a long term investment that will help you use this decking option for many long years.

You also save money by choosing this option as there is no amount of money that you have to pay for maintaining the composite decking. This is an asset that you can add to the exterior area of your house.

If you want to add a decking in your house that can enhance the look of your overall house, then this is one of the options that will be the best to choose. There are many dealers that offer a wide range of options in composite decking, you can choose the one that matches the needs of your house in the best way.

Having Some Fun With Your Family And Friends During The Holidays

Nowadays, people like to go on camping, trekking, and other adventure activities rather than usual holidays. If you want to stay comfortable at your camping site then having a high-quality tent is the basic need. You can choose your desirable tent according to the number of people and your needs. It works as a protective cover for you and your essential things. You can find tents in different materials in the market. You can see here for different stylish tents that you can invest in.

Which types of tents are suitable for camping?

Dome tent – it is one of the most popular and commonly used tents for camping. You can find it in a wide range of styles and sizes. In this tent, two poles are stretched cross over and create a dome-like structure. These poles are stretchable so you can build your tent easily by bending the pole at the right angle. It creates a square structure on the base which offers more space and headroom than other tents. It is the best option to be used in harsh weather at your camping site.

Tunnel tent – if you are thinking about camping with your family and group of friends then tunnel tent is the best option. There are some curved or semi-circular poles used which create a tunnel-like structure.  It has a double layer design and weather defense property so you can place your camping gear without any trouble. These tents are heavy and hence they are good for use in the areas where wind flow is heavy. So, you can relax in your tent easily and comfortably if the weather is not great.

Ridge tent – it is the most recognizable tent because it is commonly used for camping.  The design of the tent is too simple and well pitched. It is better than modern tents. It is comfortable for solo travelers as well as couple travelers who stay for a short time on the camping site. These tents have thick canvas and are stretched on three poles in which two are located vertical and one is horizontal.

Air tent – it is both relatively new and a fairly uncommon type of tent for camping. For building this tent, you need an air pump to place it comfortably and safely.  It is one of the best tents if you are going with your family. There are not any poles used for building it. It inflates as the air is filled in the hollow panel to build it. It provides the best platform for sleeping at night comfortably.

Benefits other than camping

  • The tents can also be used if you are throwing a party in your backyard. You can get proper decoration and lighting done to make it look beautiful. There are tents of various sizes available and you can get one as per the number of guests you have invited.
  • You can also install them in the garden area to provide shelter to the kids or you can also enjoy the evening tea below it.

Read Buying Guides Before Making A Purchase For Imprinting Machines

With the advent of the internet, many people have started to earn online by starting a business right from their home. One of the most cost-effective, online business strategies is of graphics printing. With the help of this, you can print unique graphics on t-shirts, caps, tote bags, tiles, ceramic plates, mugs etc. If you are planning to start a business in this context and want to get more information, then it is recommended to go through HeatPressReview. You will be able to know more about the types of heat machines and their working.

Different types of imprinting machines at your disposal

Clamshell machine

You will be able to do the printing process on different surfaces with ease. Clamshell machines have hinge joint and you have to lower down the upper plate on to the base plate to imprint the graphic on the surface of the desired product. If you are a beginner in t-shirt printing then it is an ideal machine for you.


  • They are very lightweight and portable thus it would be very easy for you to store them.
  • It is also very easy to use clamshell and it will provide great help to a beginner and they are also cost economic.

Swing away machine

In swinger machine, you will find the upper, heated layer swing to one side of the base layer of the machine. It is basically recommended for professionals. You will get an upper hand as you can control the base layer without getting in contact with the upper, heated layer of the machine.


  • You can easily control the garment placed at the base of the machine. Plus the machine also exerts equal pressure all over the garment.
  • You will also be able to curb burn incidences.

Draw machines

You can pull out the base layer of the machine just like a drawer of a dressing table. While you place the item inside the machine you have to be very careful so that a piece of the garment doesn’t move from its place.


  • It protects you from working beneath the heated plate which is a concerning issue for most of the people.
  • The printing process is faster in comparison to Clamshell and Swing machines thus you will be able to produce a large number of goods in a small time frame.

Sublimation machines

With the help of sublimation machines, you will be able to provide a high level of heat to create digital designs on your garments. Sublimation heating machines have a large surface area which will help you to imprint designs on sweatshirts, coats etc. in an easy and cost-effective fashion. While you use a sublimation machine, you don’t even have to fret about dye staining the piece of clothing or garment while imprinting the design on its surface.

Manual and automatic imprinting machines

Manual heat imprinting machines offer you an opportunity where you can set the time and pressure manually on the machine. On the contrary, automatic machines are known to work on the principle of the hydraulic press. Thus, they automatically determine the amount of pressure which will be required for every other garment fabric. This feature of the automatic machine helps to save lots of your precious time.

Which Budget You Should Have When Looking For Your First Electric Guitar?

Probably the first thing you will consider when looking for your first electric guitar is the budget you can afford. Well, we decided to give you the ultimate answer regarding which budget you actually need. Believe or not, there are a few possibilities here and we will discuss all of them right now. Here we will give you the idea about the money that you can spend and what you can expect at that price.

Up to $150

Yes, it is possible to purchase a new electric guitar for under $150. Keep in mind that these are basic models which will serve you for a short period of time. As you advance, you will start to notice the imperfections and drawbacks of a guitar so you will want to get a new one. Anyway, these models are extremely affordable and they definitely should be on your list of priorities.

Up to $300

For this budget, you are looking at the most appealing Electric guitar for beginners. Even better, they are usually paired with amplifiers, straps and strings you will need, so they are commonly considered as great value for money. Sadly, there are no a lot of varieties here. You will basically stick to a similar design, basic features, and decent quality. Yes, they are better than guitars from the first budget range, but they are still considered as entry-level models.

Up to $600

Here the situation becomes interesting. Almost all models are improved, upgraded versions of the electric guitars you can find for $300 or $400. But, these small upgrades are definitely more than just appealing and they can make a massive difference. For most of you, this is going to be the budget range in which you will find more than just one guitar you really like.

Because this is an interesting range, we must explain that some guitars will come without an amplifier and other accessories. If you are purchasing all the elements separately, keep in mind that the guitar is the most important, more than an amplifier. A better guitar will compensate for the poor amplifier and you will be able to use it for a long period of time.

Up to $1000

The last budget range is the highest all beginners consider. Here you can choose between models that look great, come with more features you need at this point and they sound great. Most of them also come with mid-range amplifiers so they will sound better than you expected them to be. Don’t forget that these guitars can be used even when you are semi-professional.


We hope that you got the ultimate answer regarding which budget you actually need when looking for your first electric guitar. Of course, versatility is massive these days so you will definitely be able to find the best one for you regardless of which budget you have. Don’t forget about the accessories you will need as well.

Ideal Weight Of Your Free-Standing Punching Bag

Don’t you have idea about the weight of your new punching bag? Don’t worry, we will help you out. When choosing a new free standing punching bag, the weight is the first and the most important factor to consider. It must be suitable for you and it can make a massive difference. So, which weight you will actually need?

A free standing punching bag should be 50% of your weight

All professionals will recommend you that a new or your first free standing punching bag must be 50% of your weight. What this means is that if your weight is 150 pounds, you will need a punching bag that weighs 70-50 pounds. It is the most recommended and the most desirable outcome. A few samples you can get at SmartMMA. But, your height should be taken into consideration as well.

Those who are around 140 pounds will need a punching bag that weighs 60 pounds. It is also recommended for people with a height of 5.5 feet. You can go for 70 pounds punching bag, but only if you have enough experience and your body is already adapted to constant impacts and demanding workouts.

People who weigh 160 pounds will need a punching bag of 80 pounds. This is the best choice and it will be the most productive. When it comes to the height, we believe that all men with a height of 58 feet will benefit from choosing a bag of this weight.

If you are 6 feet tall and your weight is 180 pounds, a punching bag with a weight of 100 pounds is the most beneficial. Keep in mind that here, there is no need to take into account your skill level. Even if you are an absolute beginner, you will need a bag of this weight.

Half body weight explained

But, why you actually need a punching bag that is 50% of your own weight? The answer is simple. If you get too lightweight bag, you won’t get the needed resistance. Basically, it will be like punching a bag filled with old newspapers meaning that you won’t get an effective workout. Bags must provide effective resistance, which is designed to simulate the resistance a human will provide.

The situation is completely opposite if you get a punching bag which is too heavy for you. It will be like hitting a wall, meaning that you will probably hurt yourself and you will not get the benefits and advantages essential from your workout.

If we take into account the formula explained at the beginning we are left with a perfect weight if a punching bag that offers us a precise weight and therefore precise resistance. Luckily it is simple to understand and there are no additional complications.


Don’t forget that this formula for calculating the weight of a desirable punching bag is mandatory regardless of your skill level. Even if you are a professional, you will still need a bag that is 50% of your weight.

Conquer The Economic Market With The Help Of FX Techniques

Foreign exchange market is considered as the most liquid market of the world and it is considered as the simplest method to trade in, if only you know several advanced strategies in advance. Since with evolving market, the strategies are changing, thus it is very important for a trader to get aware of these techniques. If you are fully aware of the basics of FX market and want to learn advanced techniques, then it is advised to go through forums about Forex Trading.

What are different types of advanced techniques that you will learn?

Triangular arbitrage

This type of online trading technique is often used by professionals, in this technique, they generally deal in three different currency pairs. You can either commence this type of trading manually or through several computer programs. Automated computer programs will help you to make genuine decisions and will help you to earn a considerable amount of profit.

Carry trading

Carry trading technique gives you profit after a thorough determination of the difference in trading currencies’ interest rate. In this trading, if an investor holds on to a currency even for a day then he or she will get an interest in that currency. Forex traders can purchase a high-interest rate currency with a currency of low rate.

FX scalping technique

In the scalping technique of online money trading, a trader generally commences currency swapping in a short time interval to reap a high amount of profit. One of the basics required for this technique is that you need to be thorough about the Forex market. Even due to a small change in the market trend you will be able to make a high amount of profit.

Position trading

This trading technique helps you to get the benefit of average rate between two trading currencies. For instance, if a person is trading in USD/EUR with trading rates of 1.32 and 1.34 then you will be able to get an interest of 1.33 due to position trading.

Day trading technique

It is considered as one of the most active forms of trading technique. In this method, a trader generally buys and sells a currency on the same day. In this type of online currency trading technique, positions usually get closed within twenty-four hours and there is no criterion of holding a position overnight.

Swing trading

This type of FX technique requires a trader to learn more about several algorithms which help them to take advantage of the price volatility. With the help of price volatility, a trader can know about the currency rate change due to the setting of a new trend in the economic market which helps them to generate a considerable amount of profit. It is considered as one of the wisest methods to deal in as markets tend to change.

With the help of swing trading, you can also get an opportunity to analyze the market better through the help of charts and historical market data that will help you to predict the change in trend and gain higher yield by currency trading.

Trim Your Hair Perfectly With Hair Clippers

There are some advanced technological devices which are used to maintain the shave and hair growth. You can use the best cordless clippers to trim your hairs without any efforts. These are operated electrically so you can trim your hair quickly. These are small in size and hence you can carry them with you anywhere. It also saves your time and money as you are not required to visit the salon and wait for your turn.

What are the major types of hair clippers?

Manual clippers – these are operated manually. These have two handles which need to be pressed to cut the hairs. One cannot use these clippers on their own as they require attention while using.

Electric hair clipper – it is the one of the best options available these days for trimming the hairs. It has a motor that runs on electricity and powers up the device. In this trimmer, the speed is equally distributed on the blade. Due to speed efficiency, the user can use different hair cutting methods and get more stylish hair cutting. You can also get the ones with rechargeable batteries that also resolve the problem of a power cut.

What are the key features of the hair clippers?

The weight – if you are going to buy the hair clipper then you should consider the weight of the clipper. If you buy a heavy clipper then you might have to face discomfort in cutting the hairs. Too light clippers might not be durable. So, you should get one with the average weight which is easy to carry anywhere and offers durability.

Blades – it is one of the most important parts of the hair clippers. The stainless steel material is commonly preferred by the people as compared to other materials. There are some companies that use carbon steel blades because these are of higher quality and durable. There are ceramic blades also used because these do not heat like steel. If you want to use the blade with a touch of softness then titanium blades are the best choice.

Motor – the hair clipper operates on the motor, so you should pay attention to the quality and power of the motor. Go for high powered motors that not only deliver the best performance but are also durable and function effectively for years.

Warranty – another important thing to look for is the warranty. You should check the warranty which is provided by the manufacturer. If you get a warranty of a good time period then you can rest assured that the product is good and if there will be any issue then the service provider will provide free repair or replacement of the product.

Accessories – If you are buying the hair clippers, make sure that you also pay attention to the accessories. There are many brands that offer certain accessories with the clippers. These include blade guard which keeps the blades sharp for a long time period, comb attachments, clipper oil etc. You also get a user manual that tells you how to use the machine and also how to take care of it.

Best Pickleball Paddle Reviews: What You Need to Know

If perchance you are new to this sports and you are in search of a great Pickleball paddle, then you’d need to visit www.pickypickleball.com to purchase a pickleball paddle. When you go through the description of some of the pickleball paddles available in the market, you would think for a minute that we are purchasing a futuristic gadget for a trip to Jupiter! “Liquid graphite paddle face”, “Nomex™ honeycomb”, “polymer paddle core”… purchasing a pickleball paddle can be a tough task!

I honestly think that this Trend is a marketing hype…having more people want to start playing, brands are in competition with one another and they are trying to make their paddles different and unique.

Buying a Pickleball Paddle:

We put this guide together to help in filtering the noise and simplifying the entire buying process in order to assist you in finding the best paddle, it should have:

  • A shape and build that suits your playing style.
  • A grip size that perfectly fits your hand.
  • A weight that allows you to play well.

It is vital that the price should be within your budget since paddles range in price from $15 for the cheap options to about $200 for the professional options.

Pickleball is one of the fastest growing sports in the United States in the last 5 years. There are new players, new equipment manufacturers, online stores and retail shops selling Pickleball paddles popping up. With the impressive growth of the sport, many top sporting goods are carrying a selection of paddles.

The recent Pickleball trend has been excellent for the players since there are lots of options for gears but it also makes it very difficult to choose between the different options available. The materials and technology used are changing rapidly that it is tough to keep up with the new paddles hitting the market. So this is where we come in, by making it easy for you.

Majority of you that have bee playing pickleball for quite some time now, without a doubt have some understanding on the history of the pickleball game and the simplicity of the first paddles used to play the game. The paddles used was just a piece of plywood that was cut using a bandsaw in a garage.

With new materials and technology being used, a new Pickleball player has no choice but to confront all kind of paddles of various price points and styles, in most cases before they get to play their first pickleball game.

It can be very confusing to select a new pickleball, most especially when there are lots of options to choose from and the market is being flooded daily. In simple terms, below is a few basic takeaways:

  • First, decide the weight that suits you. If you have injuries to your elbow, wrist, or shoulders or perhaps “Tennis Elbow” it is advised that you get a medium weight pickleball paddle.
  • Ensure that you choose the right grip size. Use the methods above for confirming your correct size. If you are in doubt it is best you buy one size smaller and then build up grip if necessary.
  • It is vital you have this in mind when shopping – The costliest paddle is not essentially the best paddle for you.
  • If your budget allows: ensure you avoid wooden paddles and begin with a graphite or a mid-level composite paddle.

PhenQ Reviews: Does PhenQ Really Work?

PhenQ is a nutritional ingredient which boasts about helping you maintain a fitting and healthy body while losing weight. It has ingredients that regulate appetite, raise body energy levels and promote fat burning. Most PhenQ reviews support the fact that it is very potent and its usual will help you achieve your dream physique.

This supplement will increase metabolism, and turn your body into a powerhouse, therefore, burning the unwanted and stubborn fats.

Its regular use will assist in maintaining a beautiful physique and in managing weight. A number of the ingredients that are used will deliver important nourishment which will help increase your body’s general wellness.

It is available in the form of tablets and every bottle carries 6 tablets that are sufficient for a monthly supply. You can buy this product on the internet, either directly from the producer, or through a retailer that is authorized.

In the event the result of making use of this formula will not be pleasing to you, you can return it in 6 days and ask for a refund.

How Does PhenQ Function?

This formula has quality ingredients that support your body’s weight loss in a way that is healthy. It functions by boosting metabolism, which leads to huge burning of fat and heightened production of energy.

PhenQ wants to help your weight loss journey in at least five different ways. First, it induces thermogenesis, which can make the trimming of stored fat very fast.

That aside, the supplement also functions on stopping the storage of fat. That is, burning stored fat aside, the product can stop the formation of new fat cells.

PhenQ can also act like a most potent appetite suppressant, and assist in making hunger cravings more controllable.

A diet can result in low energy levels, which poses some problems if you also add exercise into your day’s activities.

Some compounds in PhenQ, like caffeine, can increase your energy levels and stop energy crashes.

Lastly, the supplement also contains mind-boosting attributes, which can foster a positive mood and stop crankiness that may feature during dieting.

This formula has quality ingredients that support your body’s weight loss in a way that is healthy. It functions by boosting metabolism which can lead to the huge burning of fat and a high amount of energy production. Its constant use will function to provide a fitting and defined figure. It will also assist in controlling the weight in a way that is healthy.

PhenQ Ingredients – Are they Safe & Potent?

This supplement gets absorbed to starting functioning instantaneously and is taken orally. It functions in several ways to produce final results of heavy weight loss. It will lower appetite, thus managing the intake of carbohydrates and calories.

This formula will increase metabolism, making the body to melt fat and give energy for the body to use. This will assist in removing the unwanted and stubborn fat including the fats in the belly.

Constant use will assist you to manage weight and achieve your dream physique. This formula will also boost your general wellness.

Your Ultimate PS4 HDD Upgrade Guide

Whenever you have the internal drive of your PlayStation 4 upgraded, the next step to take is backing up the data in your current PS4 HDD to a secondary or perhaps external storage unit. It is important that you choose from on the excellent hard drives for the PlayStation 4 back up process. If you are not in any way I attached to your videos, music’s, and game saves, you can skip this step, but it is important you are aware of the fact that most PlayStation 4 users tend to save the information that took them a long time to save and at the same time download, and it is somewhat a tragedy when you lose them at once. Fortunately, the PlayStation 4 has a backup utility software that can assist you in copying the contents in your internal hard drive to a secondary or external hard drive, sure has a memory stick or a USB thumb drive or perhaps a regular external hard drive.

Choosing a compatible hard drive with PS4

It is important you ensure that the hard drive you make use of during the replacement process is very much compatible with the PlayStation 4 console. There are hundreds of hard drive that seem to do an excellent job, but in reality, they don’t have the ability to do anything, in some cases they will not fit into the drive bay of your PlayStation 4. To make it all easy, you can check our list of the compatible PS4 HDD. It is will be of assistance when you are picking the best hard drive for your PlayStation 4 console.

Largest PS4 hard drive capacity

Regardless of the fact that the largest capacity it any 2.5-inch form factor that fits into a drive bay is just 2TB, you still have the option if upgrading the hard drive capacity to about 4TB without having any errors and you can do more to about 6TB, but you will experience some errors that are quite annoying. It is important you are aware of the fact that you require additional equipment, and it utilizes 3.5-inch desktop hard drive in connection to the internal SATA Port of PlayStation 4 externally.

You can consult that article to get more details on this method, however, or recommendation settles with the first one. It is best you choose a 1TB or 2TB internal hard drive for your PlayStation 4 and make use of an external hard drive for the expansion of your PlayStation 4 storage capacity.

PS4 Hard Drive Replacement Steps

Below you will find a list of steps that you are expected to follow if you want to replace your PlayStation 4 internal hard drive with a new one.

  1. Remove the little door that you find on the left side of the PS4 machine box.
  2. Remove the blue screw you find there and grab the handle. Slide the cradle of the hard disk drive toward the front of the PS4 until it stops.
  3. Slide the cartridge of the hard disk drive right out of the machine.
  4. Remove the screws you find holding the hard disk drive onto the cartridge.
  5. Slide the drive out of the cradle and place the new one into the cradle. Replace the screws you removed earlier to secure the new drive in place.
  6. Slide the hard disk drive cradle back into the PS4 console.
  7. Now push the hard disk drive toward the back of the system until you are sure it is firmly seated. Replace the trap door and the blue screw.