If perchance you are new to this sports and you are in search of a great Pickleball paddle, then you’d need to visit www.pickypickleball.com to purchase a pickleball paddle. When you go through the description of some of the pickleball paddles available in the market, you would think for a minute that we are purchasing a futuristic gadget for a trip to Jupiter! “Liquid graphite paddle face”, “Nomex™ honeycomb”, “polymer paddle core”… purchasing a pickleball paddle can be a tough task!

I honestly think that this Trend is a marketing hype…having more people want to start playing, brands are in competition with one another and they are trying to make their paddles different and unique.

Buying a Pickleball Paddle:

We put this guide together to help in filtering the noise and simplifying the entire buying process in order to assist you in finding the best paddle, it should have:

  • A shape and build that suits your playing style.
  • A grip size that perfectly fits your hand.
  • A weight that allows you to play well.

It is vital that the price should be within your budget since paddles range in price from $15 for the cheap options to about $200 for the professional options.

Pickleball is one of the fastest growing sports in the United States in the last 5 years. There are new players, new equipment manufacturers, online stores and retail shops selling Pickleball paddles popping up. With the impressive growth of the sport, many top sporting goods are carrying a selection of paddles.

The recent Pickleball trend has been excellent for the players since there are lots of options for gears but it also makes it very difficult to choose between the different options available. The materials and technology used are changing rapidly that it is tough to keep up with the new paddles hitting the market. So this is where we come in, by making it easy for you.

Majority of you that have bee playing pickleball for quite some time now, without a doubt have some understanding on the history of the pickleball game and the simplicity of the first paddles used to play the game. The paddles used was just a piece of plywood that was cut using a bandsaw in a garage.

With new materials and technology being used, a new Pickleball player has no choice but to confront all kind of paddles of various price points and styles, in most cases before they get to play their first pickleball game.

It can be very confusing to select a new pickleball, most especially when there are lots of options to choose from and the market is being flooded daily. In simple terms, below is a few basic takeaways:

  • First, decide the weight that suits you. If you have injuries to your elbow, wrist, or shoulders or perhaps “Tennis Elbow” it is advised that you get a medium weight pickleball paddle.
  • Ensure that you choose the right grip size. Use the methods above for confirming your correct size. If you are in doubt it is best you buy one size smaller and then build up grip if necessary.
  • It is vital you have this in mind when shopping – The costliest paddle is not essentially the best paddle for you.
  • If your budget allows: ensure you avoid wooden paddles and begin with a graphite or a mid-level composite paddle.