Living at a prime city location is a desire of millions since they get every other amenity with great ease. After considering this wish of people, visionary developers of Kheng Leong, UIC Homes, and UOL Venture limited have impeccably designed Avenue South Residence Condo for Singaporeans. This project is located near Silat Avenue and offers a total of 1074 condo units. Thus, you will get an opportunity to live in a great community. Buyers can also choose to show flat services before making a purchase in which executives will make them aware of the condo plan and papers which they have to present during the purchase.

Excellent facilities which Avenue South Residence offers to a buyer

Great Southern Waterfront

Around Avenue South Residence owners get a chance to visit the southern waterfront that lies between Pasir Panjang and Marina East. In the future, the waterfront will further develop Southern reservoir which they will connect to green space where you can go for various fun-filled activities with your loved ones. Around the waterfront, there are also various restaurants, pubs, etc. where you can chill out with your friends after a busy day at the office.

Excellent connectivity

Avenue South Residence provides impeccable connectivity through busses, MRT and through expressways. Thus you will get to choose from various means to visit places around the city, Ayer Rajah Expressway, Marina Coastal, and Central Expressways are some of the best road routes which connect the project site to corporate parks, premium colleges and entertainment hubs in the main city.

There are various busses viz. 61, 143, 166, etc. which will make your daily commute easy. Moreover, you also get the facility to use several railway routes viz. East and West line stations which are only a couple of blocks away from the project site. In the future residents of South Residence will also get several other stations viz. Keppel, Cantonment, Thompson East cost which provides quick access to various destinations.

Shopping opportunities

Most of the time people prefer to visit shopping malls where they window shop, buy their favorite items, watch movies or have a sumptuous meal at a chic restaurant. There are various malls located in the vicinity of this project site thus you can spend some excellent time with your friends and loved ones during the holiday season. Vivocity mall provides one of the best shopping opportunities for people as you will get to visit departmental and grocery stores. Moreover, the place also has Golden Village Cinemas; here they offer recliner seating, private lounge along with excellent snacks and beverages.

Lavish condos

This project site offers great condominiums to residents which are open and spacious and are well furnished. Thus, you will get an opportunity to make a style statement in front of your colleagues and friends. One would be able to purchase condos according to the size of their family and budget. South Residence is offering up to 4 bedroom facility which provides great help in accommodating a joint family without any hassle. These condos also have impeccable locking and surveillance which make them utter safe for your loved ones.