Kratom’s scientific name is ‘Mitragyna speciosa’. It originates from Southeast Asia and is a tropical tree. Kratom’s leaves have amazing effects on the mind. It is sold as an extract or gum and can be consumed as a pill or capsule. People chew kratom leaves or make tea out of powdered leaves.

Two compounds in kratom leaves – mitragynine and 7-α-hydroxymitragynine interact with the brain to produce pleasure and other associated feelings, including tranquility.

Kratom traditionally has different strains like red, green, and white. Yellow Indo Kratom (can be used interchangeably with ‘Yellow Indo Vein’, ‘Yellow Vein Indo’, ‘Indo Yellow Kratom’, ‘Indo Yellow Vein Kratom’ and related terms with this strain) is one among them.

This is the new emerging strain which some suggest comes from leaves picked at later stages of their lives. Once the leaves get matured, then it goes through special drying process. This strain brings in feelings of sympathy for those experiencing difficulties. This creates an atmosphere of care and support among people in the community.

Yellow Indo Kratom Dosage

Dosage of Yellow Vein Indo depends on many factors like your genetics and medical history, purpose of taking the medication and how you ingest the medicine and the reaction your body has towards the medicine over time.

Generally low amounts should be taken first, and then moderate amounts. You constantly need to inspect the effects it has on your body. You need to keep altering the amount until you the best dosage is achieved. Once you understand the optimum amount, you should maintain it.

Yellow Indo Kratom Effects

Mood Enhancement: The Indo Yellow Vein Kratom makes you active, boosts your energy and keeps you cheerful.

This in turn improves your work performance. The medication can thus be taken when you are feeling down, and it can keep you engaged throughout the day.

Stimulant: Indo Yellow Vein is a mood enhancer, so it keeps you energetic and full of life. Other strains of Kratom make you dull, lazy and make you go to sleep. The strain keeps you active and full of life every day. This enables you to focus on your daily tasks.

Deeper Sleep: Indo Yellow Kratom also works for people experiencing sleep problems. If you go to sleep after a long day of work, this strain gives immense feeling of relaxation and deep sleep.

Pain relief:

Kratom Yellow Vein Indo is great at reducing body pain, by bringing hormonal balances in the body. It is rich in anesthetic properties, and makes the body fully relax and go into deep rest. This refreshes you the next morning and improves your overall general performance. People doing manual work in factories should take this strain regularly.

How Yellow Indo Performs Comparing Other Yellow Vein

Each variety of Yellow Kratom has different effects on the mind and body. Let’s look into other strain quality and make your decision:

Yellow Indo Kratom: As we know, this strain mildly relieves pain and provides euphoric and stimulating effects. It also has excellent aroma. It is one of the most long-lasting strains.

Yellow Bali Kratom is great for Mind stimulation but still not as much boost as the White Bali. It also provides sedating effects similar to Red Bali, but less intense than that.

Yellow Borneo Kratom gives almost same effects as Green Borneo. It relieves pain, produces euphoria feeling and is a mind stimulant.  Feelings of positivity and motivation are also reported.

Yellow Sumatra Kratom is derived from the Sumatra Kratom trees. It is a rare variety because the trees themselves are rare. It increases energy, stabilizes mood and stress is lowered. It provides euphoric effects and energy.

Yellow Malay Kratom is stimulating, energizing and has mild pain-relieving effects. The strain has overall homeopathic properties. You will be more creative at work and your productivity improves. Yet, you will have an easier time once the effects start wearing off.

Yellow Vietnam Kratom: This strain is new, discovered in Vietnam forests around the Mekong Delta. These forests have a humid climate and soil rich in nutrients. The leaves of this strain have higher alkaloid content than other kratom plants by at least 20%. This strain is good for relieving anxiety and relaxing the mind and body. It improves motivation levels and ability to think clearly.

Reviews about Yellow Vein Kratom

Most of the reviews are positive about this strain in public domain. E.g., when one user took this yellow strain upon a toothache, he had instant effects of mitigating this pain.

He experienced feelings of euphoria, calmness, and relaxation.

Along with its efficacy, it does have some side effects which are relatively mild

and occur in rarity.