The Rose vibrator has taken TikTok by storm. I don’t know about you, but my explore page on TikTok includes a video promoting this product at least once daily. This product is more than just a little sex toy circulating a social media platform. This pink, floral vibrator has begun constructing conversations surrounding the use of vibrators and female masturbation as a whole.

Let’s begin by getting down to the root of the issue.

What is this rose vibrator?

The rose vibrator, as the name suggests, is simply an adorable little rose-shaped vibrator that uses suction technology to please the clitoris. It is USB rechargeable and waterproof, which is handy in most scenarios.

Why is it such a big deal that people openly talk about and share their experience with this sex toy?

Unfortunately, we can all agree that larger society is still not completely comfortable talking about female masturbation. Although men can casually joke about porn and masturbation tendencies, women cannot openly converse about these topics without feeling instilled guilt stemming from society, the media, and personal upbringing.

Many women are still raised with the idea that it makes you ‘slutty’ or a ‘bad girl’ interested in sexual pleasure. Due to these negative connotations surrounding female masturbation, vibrators have always gotten a bad rap.

Why is this particular suction vibrator creating all the storms across the globe?

A dozen reasons why the Inya rose vibrator has become a common name in every other household.

Here are a few of the top ones:

  • Adorable design
    This fantastic toy is designed with incredible finesse. The shape of a rose makes the Inya Rose Vibrator a thing that can be compared to none. Speaking of its enticing appearance, it is not only beautiful but also easily portable. After all, women love roses. So why won’t they love this one, huh?
    What does that mean?
    You already know that because of its size, you are guaranteed the fantastic thrill of oral sex anywhere. This toy is genuinely just way on another level.

  • 7 incredible modes of suction
    As stated before, the technology used to craft this minute toy is impressive. The sex rose vibrator is designed with a rotating airflow brought about by the device’s internal vibrations, thus bringing about the sucking nature, not to mention how it amazingly teases the clit. You will agree with me that all these actions will help you reach orgasm within a short time. All you have to do is make that a short click and experience ecstasy in your pussy while adjusting to different suctions. You will surely love it!

  • Medical grade body-safe silicon
    The sex rose vibrator toy is constructed to meet all the recommended rates of a healthy sex toy. Because of that, it is covered with medical-grade silicone that is not only odorless but also hygienic. Additionally, the clit sucker is crafted with a silky touch that ensures you experience a lot of comfort within your coochie.

  • Super fast recharge with long-lasting battery life
    Another fantastic thing about this clitoral vibrator is that you can quickly charge it anywhere equipped with a USB charger base. After it’s fully charged, get ready to have clitoral stimulations for 2 hours nonstop!

How to clean and store the Inya Rose Vibe?

You don’t need any specific cleaning or storing protocol for this rose sex toy.

  • ​​The product’s lifespan will be significantly increased with proper maintenance and care.

  • Please clean the rose toy before using it. Wash the silicone part with water and anti-bacterial soap, rinse with clean water and pat it dry with a lint-free towel. Alcohol-containing petrol or acetone is not acceptable.

  • The room for storing rose toys should be relaxed, dry, dust-free, and well ventilated. Avoid direct sunlight and do not expose it to high temperatures.

The Final Word

Like many other trends, the Rose rose to popularity on social platforms in a concise amount of time. Social media is not necessarily known for spreading the most positive mental and physical health benefits. But in the case of the Rose vibrator, we seem to see the opposite. Women have been sharing their experiences involving this vibrator left and right on TikTok and other platforms and have created a safe space to discuss female masturbation. This small corner of social media is an exciting shift in a positive direction for women everywhere that have had to oppress their sexuality and desires. Women have been posting, commenting, and messaging amongst each other solely to get the scoop on this little Rose. Not only has that normalized female masturbation, but it also builds community in a space like social media that is not always forgiving to women.

Due to its popularity, the Rose vibe on the original website multiple times and has stemmed knock-offs on other adult toy websites. This little vibrator has displayed a glimpse of how women should be able to share their sexual experiences and relate through their sexualities openly. There is no telling what other trends and products would rise to popularity if this trend were to continue. I hope that this will inspire women to take back and own their sexuality and whatever other floral-shaped vibrators come with it.