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We are looking for your personal story. We really are.

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If you are having a tough time renting a place or you’ve been looking to buy your own home, but have been priced out of the market, do reach to us. We would like to hear your distinctive voice. We would like to hear your story.

Please understand that the reason why is in operation in the first place is to help people who have been hit hard by the housing inflation that is gripping all parts of the United States.

Regardless of whether you live in Florida, California or any other “hot areas,” or you live in North Dakota, Maine or other “cooler” housing markets, you all face the same problem. It seems that housing in the United States is on the way up and this has put a lot of pressure on people looking to have a roof over their heads.

We need your stories because we’d like to mobilize people at the grassroots level to direct their concerns and their needs to where they need to go. By collecting all these information and sharing resources at the local level, we can make great strides in making our collective voices heard.

On top of all of this, when you reach out to us, you join our mailing list and you become part of our national network of housing advocates. Now, we’re not necessarily telling you get out on the street waving signs of protest. That’s too much.

Open your mind

Instead, we would just like you to have an open mind so when we release a new white paper on how to interact with local governmental authorities to reduce local housing rates and rent pricing, you have some skin in the game. You know what’s going on and you can help organize or, at the very least, attend such events.

Be on board

Everybody has to be on board. All hands on deck if we want to make significant strides in dealing with the runaway problem if increasing rents and housing costs in the United States.

Not the case

The good news is that history has taught us that this does not have to be a one way ticket to ever rising housing costs. This doesn’t have to be the case. We can make tremendous progress in reducing costs by increasing access and increasing home building and renovation efficiencies.

Significant progress

There are still a lot of inefficiencies in the market and that’s why costs tend to be high. If we are open-minded and take care of all these hurdles, then significant progress can be made.

Your participation

We need your participation is this, and that’s why we implore you to contact us today so you can help make this happen.

Boils down to will

We believe that united voices along with public help that dares to cross ideological lines can achieve all sorts of ‘miracles.’ This really all boils down to will. From our experience, when people are united, will comes up again and again. It has to be marshalled. It has to be organized. Join us today to join forces so we can make a dent against the housing crisis that continues to grip the USA.